Our Services for Multiple Option

Growell Education Consultancy Services is a proud link between top Chinese universities and Indian students. Since its launch, Growell has emerged as a top consultancy firm for overseas education. We help students launch a successful career, not just get an admission. A class apart from many other education consultants, we provide genuine services to help aspiring medical and engineering students. We suggest Indian students who are planning to pursue higher education in China, not to fall prey to bogus consultants who mislead students for their own monetary benefits.

Growell is a leading consultant for overseas education with a rich experience in dealing with all legal formalities involved in migration of students.
Growell is affiliated with top Chinese universities like Tianjin Medical University, Jiamusi Medical University, Tianjin Chenjian University and Qingdao University. These are among the top universities in China, offer world-class education and professional degrees in various disciplines of engineering and medicine.

Post Arrival Arrangements

Once Growell Education Consultancy Services completes the admission formalities, it is time to look after post arrival arrangements of students in China. For many students, its is a first-time travel to a foreign country. They have a lot of apprehensions about their travel, stay, atmosphere at the university, food, etc. Growell ensures a smooth entry of all students enrolled through them at the universities in China.

Since its launch, Growell Education Consultancy Services has been instrumental in helping more than a thousand students benefit from their services. The students are happily associated with international, high-quality educational programs at different universities. The faith that the students and their families have bestowed on us is an honour to us, inspiring us to continuously enhance our services.


Growell Education Consultancy Services offers expert guidance on medical courses in China. With our rich experience in overseas education, we are proud to spread the word that medical courses in China are the best option for aspiring students in Asia; more specifically, Indian students.

Growell Education Consultancy Services is a link between Chinese medical universities and aspiring students in India and other countries. We facilitate easy admissions of students in medical colleges, China; we also provide educational consultancy and career guidance to students seeking a shining career through medical courses in China.

Our Services for VISA Profiling

Growell Education Consultancy Services, professional consultancy firm is committed to bringing quality foreign education through China closer to aspiring Indian students. Our strong vision has helped hundreds of Indian students realize their dream of a medical course from China. We ensure that aspiring Indian students get through the best colleges for medical courses in China.

We offer free counselling, help students choose the best course as per their aptitude. Once a student decides to go in for a medical or engineering course at China, there are a hundred doubts in their and their family’s minds. They are concerned about the reliability of courses, authenticity of degrees, admission fee, procedure, paperwork, accommodation, food, atmosphere, etc. As a result of this confusion, students often act in haste and end up associating with fake consultants. This leads to a hassled admission procedure, high tuition fee and other charges, expensive accommodation and often lands them stranded in a foreign land.

Growell Education Consultancy Services is highly committed to providing complete solutions to aspirants of medical/ engineering courses of China. We bring education in China closer to Indian students. What had been a distant dream to many, is now a reality to hundreds of students with the aid of Growell Education Consultancy Services. Growell has helped students get through top medical colleges in China. Our team includes highly educated, skilled and experienced professionals who have had a great exposure to overseas education themselves. They offer best counselling services and help aspiring students select the most appropriate institutes and courses as per their aptitude, requirements and financial status.

Educational consultants at Growell ensure the medical education aspirants get complete support at each level, right from consultation stage. We offer an array of services to answer all your queries, solving all your problems related to medical education overseas, visa profiling, counselling, pre-departure briefing, post-arrival arrangements and much more.

As a complete solution to all your higher education needs in China, Growell offers a complete package of services to help you sail through all obstacles in your career in the most efficient manner.
Growell Consultancy India provides complete solutions to deal with all your visa-related queries. All your visa profiling needs are taken care of by experts at Growell.

We help with all stages of documentations and paperwork for your smooth admission procedure. We help students obtain the visa, residence permit (This includes registration, health check-up, Public Security Bureau certificate, re-registration at local police station), Research permission and other applicable jobs.

Following are the documents required from aspiring students:

Minimum fee of Rs. 1,00,000 by Cheque/ DD in favour of Growell Education Consultancy Services, payable at New Delhi.
10th Mark sheet/ Neet Score Card
12th Mark sheet/ 10th Mark sheet/ Passing Certificate photocopy
6 Photographs with white background with 80% of face visibility
Copy of valid passport

Our Services for Orientation Camp

Our pre-departure orientation service includes:

Ensuring that all paperwork is complete and documents are in order.
An exhaustive list of essential commodities to be carried to China is given to each students, so that they don’t have to look for these as soon as they land in the country.
Confirmed flight ticket.
Detailed briefing about contacts in China.
Extensive sessions on Chinese culture and lifestyle.
Familiarisation with rules applicable to foreign students in China.
Information of travelling within China, their transport system.
Basic communication in Chinese language (Conditions apply).
Assistance with foreign exchange, etc.

Our pre-departure orientation includes all the above but are not limited to the same. We assure our students of complete support in any matter pertaining to their stay and medical course in China. We leave no stone unturned in making sure that the Indian students feel quite at home, once in China.
Growell Education Consultancy Services provides students going for medical courses in China with many useful value-added services that are really significant for a student to settle down with greater social security.

Why insure your trip?

While Growell Consultants takes all safety measures possible to formulate your trip a protected and secure understanding of a life span, you can help us by assuring the little things than cannot be predicted. For example a snowfall closing down your airport previous to you can get on your flight to China. Or you arrive in Beijing at the same time as your luggage is on its way to Timbuktu…

We recognize that these little things can mess up a vacation or your trip for study that you planned for an extended time, so we cautiously selected travel insurance suppliers that cover your nation of dwelling. We believe that these providers offer you the highest security against all eventualities and the finest value for money.

5 things you should know about your Travel Insurance:

  • Trusted reliable underwriters
  • Your insurance provider should be backed by a suite of secure, strong, specialist travel insurance companies together with certain International underwriters. Each provider offering premium 24 / 7 emergency assistance, great cover, highest levels of customer support and claims management.

  • Value for money with the cover you need
  • It should focus on what you need and leaving out what you don’t.

  • Flexibility when you need it most
  • If you have any change on plans, see if you can extend or claim online while you are still away.

  • It should keep you travelling safely
  • You should have access to up-to-date travel safety alerts, as well as travel safety tips and advice.

  • Commitment to exceptional customer service
  • If you have any questions at all regarding your travel insurance or travel safety in general, your travel insurance agent must be indirect contact to you.

Foreign Money Exchange

Before going to study in China, it is very important to learn its money exchange system. The currency of China is the renminbi (RMB) or yuan (or colloquially known as ‘kwai’) and you may see Hong Kong dollars in southern China. ATMs are common in urban and tourist areas of China. “Union Pay” credit cards issued in China are widely accepted at regular stores and larger restaurants. American Express, Visa and MasterCard issued elsewhere without the Union Pay symbol are not widely accepted at stores and restaurants. Hotels, expensive tourist restaurants and expensive shops generally take foreign-issued cards. Elsewhere, the Chinese Yuan rules the payment in China.

Some tours advise that merchants will accept foreign currency. This applies only to expensive “shopping stops” and specific market vendors. In general, a Chinese merchant or restaurateur will shake their head no at any foreign currency. Carry Chinese yuan at all times to pay for your everyday purchases and meals at most restaurants. (Think to yourself, what would a merchant in your own country do when presented with a 100 Chinese yuan note?)

Traveler’s checks are an option in China, but not as convenient as periodic withdrawals from ATMs. The traveler’s checks can be exchanged at certain airports, certain large branch banks, some large department stores, and many hotels at a rate slightly better than cash. Exchange rates are regulated, but fees and commissions are not. So look at all the details when exchanging money, especially at currency exchanges at the airports. When you exchange money you must present your passport for identification. Exchanging anywhere other than at an ATM means you are carrying your passport. Most savvy tourists, when arriving at Shanghai or Beijing, use the several ATMs right in the airport so they have cash for a taxi and other incidentals.

Chinese banks sometimes are very busy, so you might find yourself waiting valuable touring time (15 minutes or longer) to exchange currency or cash a traveler’s check. Sometimes you have to wait for a teller who understands English. Many upscale hotels now have ATMs right in the lobby, and in China there is no service fee for using an ATM. Your home bank, of course, may charge you according to its terms, including a foreign transaction fee and per-withdrawal fee. Inquire before you leave home.

Why and Terms for Education Loan

To pursue your dreams, sometimes you need to take extra efforts. Growell Consultancy can help you select the right loan provider who can finance your medical study in China. Here are few details about education loan in China:

  • Purpose
  • The borrower can only use the loan for the tuition fees, living expenses for studying abroad with approval in foreign middle schools or universities, and pursuing master’s degree or doctor’s degree, or for obtaining relevant credit certification.

  • Terms
  • Terms of the loan shall be one to six years, ten years at most (including ten years) according to the actual study and guarantee nature of the borrower.
    Loan Currency: Yuan (more currency types will be applied at the appropriate time)

  • Maximum Limit of Loan
  • In principle, the maximum limit of loan is not allowed to be over 90% of the total amount of the tuition fees and living expenses of students and accompanying persons.

  • Interest Rate
  • Loan interest rate is set according to foreign exchange loan interest rate (floating).

  • Guarantee
  • The loan can be guaranteed by mortgage, pledge, third party guarantee, insurance and many other means.

  • Loan Issuing
  • The loan can be transferred directly to the accounts of overseas branches of Bank of China, and to the schools or university (college) (for tuition fees) and the student borrower (for living expenses) seperately on customers’ demands.

  • Repayment Method
  • In China, repayment may be entrusted to any other person; in other country, repayment may adopt remittance.

  • Grace Period of Repayment
  • The lender may give a certain grace period to the borrower, which is limited to period when the student borrower studies in school or university (college) and during which only the interest rather than principal is paid; the educated person shall renew repayment schedule with the lender, i.e. repayment of principal with interest on monthly basis since the second month after the educated person receives graduation certificate. The grace period is 4 years at most.
Required Documents

  1. ID card, Hukou book or other originals of other valid residence certificates of the borrower or all parties involved, and valid identity documents of the educated person as well as copies of all proof certification above.

  2. Proofs of permanent job and regular income of the borrowers or their family members approved by the lender.

  3. Admission letter or enrollment letter issued by the schools or universities (colleges) of the educated person and relevant documents on total amount of necessary tuition fees and living expenses (or relevant proof documents provided by cooperative intermediate institutions) during the study of the students in schools or universities (colleges).

  4. As for mortgage (pledge) with assets, valid proofs of mortgage (pledge) objects and statement of commitment and declaration on consent of mortgage (pledge) signed by person with disposal rights (including co-owner(s) of the assets) should be provided. For mortgage object, valuation report should be issued by competent authorities; for pledge object, rights certification; for guarantee by the third party, written documents and relevant credit proof documents on the fact that the guarantor agrees to bear irrevocable joint and several liability.

  5. The borrowers, co-repayers and guarantors shall issue and sign in person written authorization documents in person to allow the bank to inquire about their credit reports.

  6. Other proofs or documents required by the lender.
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