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    1. Embassy of India in Beijing has been receiving queries from prospective Indian students and their parents with respect to studying MBBS in China and colleges in China which are authorized to impart MBBS courses to foreign students.

    2. In this regard, Embassy of India would like to inform that Ministry of Education of China had recently issued an official communication wherein they have shared the list of 45 Universities in China that are authorised to give admission to foreign students (including Indian students) to undertake MBBS degree course (in English language) in China for the year 2019

    3. Prospective students are advised to note carefully that only these 45 Chinese Universities are authorised to admit international students for an MBBS degree in English. They may also note the warning in the notification that teaching of MBBS courses under a bilingual (English/Chinese) model is strictly forbidden.

    4. More details of the same can also be obtained from the website of MOE, People’s Republic of China in the following weblink:

    5. The translation of the details in the weblink is as follows:
    6. The Announcement of General Office of the Ministry of Education on University list and enrollment plan for International MBBS undergraduates (English Teaching)for the school year 2019-2020 No. [2019] 3. Department of Education (Education Committee) of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government and Bureau of Education of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps: In accordance with the spirit of Notice No. 39 of the Ministry of Education on the Interim Regulations on Quality Control Standards for International MBBS Undergraduates (2007), and in order to guarantee the quality of training for Overseas MBBS Undergraduates, our department will continue to manage university number and enrollment plan in the academic year of 2019-2020. The relevant requirements are now notified as follows:
      1. In the academic year 2018-2019, our department will continue to entrust 45 MBBS universities to recruit MBBS students. Based on the results of special survey in March 2018 and routine work inspection, colleges and universities that fail to strictly implement the enrollment plan will have fewer enrollment quota. The enrollment situation of each university will be continuously tracked.
      2. Universities not included in the list must not recruit international MBBS(Teaching in English)undergraduates and can only recruit international MBBS undergraduates (teaching in Chinese ). The training standard can’t be lower than Chinese local students. “Bilingual model” are strictly forbidden to be used for students recruitment.
      3. In accordance with the spirit of the Notice and the requirements of the Standard for the Quality of Higher Education for Overseas Students (Trial Implementation) promulgated in October 2018, the competent educational departments in the localities of colleges and universities, experts will be organized to conduct follow-up research according to the situation and continue to dynamically adjust the next year's enrollment plan according to the investigation. For colleges and universities that seriously violate the spirit of the Notice, they will be restricted or suspended in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Regulations on Admission and Training of International Students in Schools (Decree No. 42 of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Public Security).

List of Colleges for Recruiting International Undergraduate Students with Clinical Medicine Major (in English Language) in the School Year 2019-20

S. No. Name of University Number of international Students
1 Jilin University 62 (school year 2018-2019 was 100, 38 fewer)
2 Chinese Medical University 100
3 Dalian Medical University 100)
4 Capital Medical University 100
5 Tianjin Medical University 100
6 Shandong University 78 (school year 2018-2019 100, 22 fewer)
7 Fudan University 100
8 Xinjiang Medical University 100
9 Nanjing Medical University 100
10 Jiangsu University 100
11 Wenzhou Medical University, Wenzhou Medical University (Overseas Schools) 100, 50
12 Zhejiang University 100
13 Wuhan University 100
14 Huazhong University of Science and Technology 100
15 Xi'an Jiaotong University 100
16 Southern Medical University 100
17 Jinan University 100
18 Guangxi Medical University 100
19 Sichuan University 100
20 Chongqing Medical University 100
21 Harbin Medical University 60
22 Beihua University 40
23 Jinzhou Medical University 60
24 Qingdao University 60
25 Hebei Medical University 60
26 Ningxia Medical University 60
27 Tongji University 60
28 Shihezi University 60
29 Southeast University 60
30 Yangzhou University 60
31 Nantong University 60
32 Suzhou University 60
33 Ningbo University 60
34 Fujian Medical University 60
35 Anhui Medical University 60
36 Xuzhou Medical College 60
37 Three Gorges University 20
38 Zhengzhou University 60
39 Guangzhou Medical University 60
40 Sun Yat-sen University 60
41 Shantou University 20 (school year 2018-2019 was 60, 40 fewer)
42 Kunming Medical University 60
43 North Sichuan Medical College 40
44 Southwest Medical University 60
45 Xiamen University 60
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